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ChicagoTronics provides flexible manufacturing services that allow you to focus on brand development.


We have the experience and resources to build your products on-time, on-budget and with superior quality assurance.


We have successfully sourced hundreds of components from dozens of production partners in the USA and abroad.


China sourcing is one of our core competencies. Let us help find the right production partner for you.


We bring manufacturing expertise to your project so that you can focus on your brand and features.

About ChicagoTronics

Dependable manufacturing services that allow you to focus on building your brand

Founded in 2002, Chicagotronics began as a small marketer of sensors for liquid level applications. In 2005 we began growing from a single manufacturing partner in the Netherlands to contracting with more than a dozen manufacturers in the USA, Europe and China. Because we formed the right relationships with the right partners, we developed a line of sensors that hit the sweet spot between quality and price and sold over 100,000 sensor assemblies, making significant inroads into a 75-year old market.

In 2012, we leveraged our experience in optical sensing technologies to enter the optical computer mouse market and from there began expanding into other electronics and computer peripherals.

We have experience producing sensors, relays, relay blocks, transformers, connectors, reed switches, timers, enclosures, corded and cordless optical computer mice, laser pointers, moldable brackets, presentation remotes and other electronics components and instruments in a wide array of end markets from aviation to water reclamation

Our expertise is in highly cost-efficient manufacturing of niche products. We keep our overhead low to keep your cost-per-piece low. Our focus is on customers with a production need of 1,000 to 50,000 pieces per year. We welcome all of your projects - large and small.

Perspectives in manufacturing

We're passionate about making products and ready to share our expertise with you.